Creating a World That Works for All ~ Donate to the U of Earth Mission

"The central mission of our times is the reinvention of the human; at the species level."
~Thomas Berry; Cultural Historian

U of Earth Mission Statement:
To develop and provide educational programs in multiple disciplines that foster creating an ecocentric society that works for us all, both humans and non-humans, and to support creating sustainable Ecovillage's as models of life-enhancing community.

U of Earth Vision:
We at University of Earth join many others in claiming that we are once again at a juncture in history when humanity is required to reinvent itself. With that, University of Earth borrows from Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs and provides educational programs for the graceful transition from our anthropocentric industrial growth society to an ecocentric society through reinventing the human. 

To this end, U of Earth serves as a collaborative institution for individuals and other organizations to offer their unique gifts to our world in need.